Canberra here we come! Strange weather for us...sunny...weeeeird.
Howdy Folks. Damn its been hot.

We had a quick trip down and back to the nations capital to play at the old Canberra Inn last night.

After a logistical minefield due to Unavailable Band Transport (multiple members with cars out of action) it was quite a logistical feat to get everyone on the road. Thankfully, bill opted to use his car as mine has a minor problem with the airconditioner (cousin Jay removed it when he fixed it last time) and it dawned on us, as we sat sweltering, that driving for 3 hours in a Mobile Sauna would not make anyone lively for the gig that night.

And as the journey is just as important as the destination (who writes this stuff? oh. Right.) and I have some strange fascination with weather patterns, here's a glimpse from the drive.

With the Rogues Gallery CD, American Folk Roots and Blues and a few other choice musical selections, we made good time to the ACT, and to the Old Canberra Inn (no fooling when they say old, they mean it. 1838?).

We voted Sundays act as the best name seen since the band called 'free beer'. 

It has been mercilessly hot in Sydney and the temperature was up in Canberra as well, despite which, the Old Canberrans turned out to boogie.

Cheers to Ade, Kym, Nat and the other folks who were brave enough to venture inside the hotel despite the appeal of the cooler air outside.

Last night was the first test of the new set order (see pauls blog). Now that we have our third release (nuevo retro) coming out and we're working on the next one (working title 'Carls chair') we have a Plethora of material. Thats just a big word for 'a lot'.

If you see us over the next few months, we'll be working on the new material and sharpening it up, changing arrangements, forgetting  rewriting lyrics (LOL) and reordering (or not) the set. We tried revised versions of Hollow Tree and Lucky Streak and it looks like one or two more new things for the CC project will be coming into the set over the next few weeks. 

We had a fine time, drove back late, negotiated our logistics and then collapsed into the 35 degree heat at 4am. 35 degrees celsius at 4am. That just ain't right.

We'll be headed back down to Canberra a few more times and out and about in the country NSW and Victoria areas over the next few months.