First gig of the year in 2010! Typical Stormcellar Weather as we headed to the 'gong.

Sunshowers, heat, cold, wind...definitely a sign we're playing tonight...

The holiday break over, it was back to work for the lads and our first port of call was Dicey Rileys in wollongong. The weather has gone mad. Storms on the way down, fog on the way back. Yikes!

And of course, bright clear skies at the bottom of the hill. Go figure.

Dicey Rileys had the Steve Edmonds band playing the night before and we were told that everyone in town was still recovering from a  big NYE.

A stage! Things are looking up.

For all those recovering from NYE may we suggest...

A shout out to John, Terese, Nigel and the folks who braved the scary weather and NYE hangovers to get out on the boogie with us last night! I know a few people had some stuff happen recently that they needed their mind drawn away from and we were happy to provide a respite for a few hours. That's what we do!

Next gig is at avalon - (EDIT; new gig - Bald Rock Hotel in Balmain on the 10th of Jan)  and in between we're reviewing and commenting on the initial mix of Nuevo Retro.