What a great weekend. As we head toward Christmas madness, fend off bus strikes, overpriced grocer items and the myriad of small things that assail you around Christmas time, we have spent two great nights out on the boogie.

Rosie was on fire last night at the Fitzroy, everything he did just  seemed to flow.  At one point during the set I stepped back and just listened to what was going on around me, and man, was it tight.

We got our very own fog machine a while back (how retro can you go) and Carl decided to run it for the evening, with special attention to Swamp Monster.
Due to a slight mix up in hand signals, Carl thought I was signalling 'More more' when I was signalling 'Stop Stop' as the fog rolled in and kept rolling. I was mildly freaked out that we were about to set off the smoke alarms. When I couldn't see the stage (audience, HARMONICA....) it was time for Alternate Hand Gestures which brought the torrent of smoke to an end. I had to work hard not to crack up laughing as I peered through the mists.

A big shout out to Adam, for hanging out with us for the night and a shout out to Bob. The last time we played the Fitzroy (and the first..) was at the Sydney Blues festival. Adam also makes a big mention of Marshall and the 'Fro who he said put on a blistering performance that weekend.

Tonight we were bound for the Pendle Inn. Hey to Pete G! Merry Christmas!

Rosie had the brilliant idea of shifting the set orders around, which worked really well (change is as good as arrest) and we had a solid night with some notable drum work from Theo.

We were also fortunate to be joined by Snowy to do a version of a Gary Moore song that only he, Theo and Bill knew. I learned tonight that 'so long ago' wasnt written by Ian Moss. Oops.

Shout outs to Snowy, Reggie, Tony, Pete, Patrick, Lynne, Megan  (EDIT: and Roscoe! Another Roscoe!) and all the folks who joined us at our last show for 2009.

We have one more day of mixing this week on Nuevo Retro...will we have it mixed before Christmas? I know what I am asking Santa for (an end to the madness? New socks?) 

2009 has been a tumultuous year for us, from the sublime to the ridiculous and everywhere in between yet we have had the profound pleasure of being a working band.

Thank you to Sammi, Carl, Sharyn, Val, Jim Finn and all the other people who have helped us survive this year, and to you, dear reader, thank you - whether you've been to one of our gigs, picked up one of our albums or are reading us on the web. Its been a pleasure to have your company.

We hope your holiday season treats you well and safely and we look forward to making your acquaintance once more at a gig in 2010.