Our mate Greg was on hand with a camera and after a quick conversion to .gif, here's some pics of the boys in action at Acer. Cheers Greg!
Thats a crowd.

Soundcheck time - Lotta space in these malls

Rosie looking EVIL during sound check

Greg found it hard ot get a shot of me standing in one place for more than...ARGH...there I go again

Bill wore his 'Good' T Shirt for the occasion

Theo at least had dressed up

Pauls favourite pic! 

OMG i'm standing still. Well done Greg!

After Soundcheck, greg came back to the Dressing Room for some extra shots. And free food. And BEER. :-)

Paul looking like he's been surprised by a cameraman

Rosie and Bill just before we go on stage

The Obligatory Band Shot!

And then came time for the Main Thing with the whole on-stage-with-stuff-thing-type...you know what I mean. the actual gig.

Bill, Rosie and Sara Jessica Parker?????? WHO DID THAT???

Paul having a Slide Guitar Moment.

Afterwards, Paul and Theo greatly relieved!

Thanks Greg for being there on the day/night and getting the shots.