Holy ----! We just played the same stage as Fleetwood Mac did last night and then had to get the hell out of the way before Green Day bumped in at 3AM. Read on for the Acer Arena Gig Report!

That is NOT our graphic. We did not put 'Friends' up there. I don't know how that happened.

What a strange trip this is. We played the Basement in July, for the second time, a place where my music heroes have trodden the stage. Cool.

Tonight we played a Truly Big Ass venue at Acer Arena, where once again, musical heroes abound on either side of the night we perform. YIKES!

No foolin!

Carl swung into action (loading dock? A Loading dock? LUXURY!!!) like the Ninja of Roadies.

Of course, we were feeling totally intimidated by the scale. Here's Bill feeling intimidated.

Bill is handling the pressure very well.

Whilst Carl is doing all the work, I am doing my usual observance of odd signage, such as this classic:

Note the 'we accept diapers here' image. When did you ever see a bin that actually wanted you to put diapers in it? How many Muso's are going the Adult Diaper route instead of taking a quick break between sets? The mind boggles!

For regular readers, you will have seen our various Backstage Adventures  (refer to previous blogs and you'll soon understand) and so I hope you will pardon my fascination with the minor details of gigs that actually have minor details. Such as..

A DRESSING ROOM!!! Will the luxury not stop?? They even had stairs to the stage!!!!

OK so this turned out to be the wrong room, but still, there was an actual room. A ROOM!! Not a closet or the Mens Urinal, A room!! LUXURY!!!!!!

Having had our minds blown, it was time to venture towards the stage. 

Rosie and Theo settling in.

And what else could a guitarist ask for than:

The view from the lighting console

And with Soundcheck finished, it was time to head for the Green Room and...r the most impressive, astonishing and amazing moment. An Actual Rider.

Ok thats it, we're done. We can go home now.

Super Tycoon Deluxe Premium Car Wash.

BUT Wait! There's More!

Thats it. The boys will get spoiled and that will not be acceptable. GUYS DO NOT GET USED TO THIS. Seriously. I know you read the blog and this message is for you!

As usual, my blogging gets everything before the gig but very little during it, but I know Greg and the lads have more stuff to come, so I will just leave you with a peek at the start of the gig:

A huge thanks to Sue, the crowd and everyone else involved in the night. What a heck of a way to spend an evening.

I expect to see more blogs bits from the boys and some of Gregs pics. Tomorrow we're working on a remix of Roscoe's boogie ( I could have sworn that was finished) and then its Listening time for final mix notes and last tweak then...then...who knows?


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