A weekend of travel, gigs, music and Colonial Roots! Read on for the Iron Crown Tour Blog!

On the road to wagga

This weekend was our trip down to the Ned Kelly Reenactment Festival to play a song about...Ned Kelly! Thanks to Michael Beattie and the members of the historical reenactment group for a great weekend.

Special Big Thanks to Jim Conway for supplying a backup replacement Bb Harp just as we were walking out the door...

Right, so the first thing about a tour is getting everyone in the car (except for Rosie...more on that later) and picking the right cd's. On our last jaunt, I was subjected to hours of Allman Brothers and Rory Gallagher. This time, I brought my own damn CD's, starting off with The Bondi Cigars!

As we were driving and listening to 'After Closing Time' by the Bondi Cigars I was reminded how influential to my understanding of the blues they have been. Long road trips give you several hours to argue about every detail of the music, who's influenced who, what lick comes from where and so on. Great album.

Wagga Is The Biggest Inland Town In Australia? Or were the locals bragging?

Our first stop was the Thomas Blamey Tavern for a night of boogie. Sean, the magical GPS leprechaun was in command of the vehicle (so to speak) and navigated us moderately well to our first destination - Wagga Airport! Sort of. The signs by the roadside were slightly better informed than my GPS. BAD leprechaun! BAD!

Rosie Bon Jovi

Of course, whilst some of us drove, some of us (ROSIE!) were treated to Rock Star transport (Rex?)...poor old Rosie had been unwell for the past few weeks and needed to finish important work stuff, so he took a flight and found Paul and myself ready to greet him.

Hail to the King, Baby! Rex brings Rosie!

Heh...bon Jovi...get it? Rock star? Get it? oh never mind...

With Rosie aboard, it was time to head for the Thomas Blamey...via a chemist for some Brand Name Cold and Flu stuff...ARGH...two days before the tour, I finally succumbed to a cold...

How Rock can you get? Lemsip Rock, that's how...oh my head...

Nonetheless, we got down and boogied for the night and a good time was had by all. Happy Birthday Gavin and hope you enjoy Spacejunk. A big thanks to Matt and Barry for looking after us.

I'll post pics from the gig as soon as I get them...In fact, after the gig, our Rhythm Section just kept on playing...even back at the hotel...leading to a wake up call in the morning where we found Dr Time (Mark) Bright and alert.

And my fascination with obscure signs continues...

How much energy did we put out at the gig? Lets see how well Paul recovered the following day:


So, after a breakfast of champions, it was off to Beechworth and what better way to get into the mood than with some traditional Aussie convict songs from the fantastic Band That Never Was  - their album 'songs of the south wind' is one of the best colonial style albums I have ever heard.

Road Music Convict Style

And whilst we're at it, how about a bit of Banjo?

As you drive towards Victoria from NSW, you see the transition between the drier areas of inland NSW and the verdant foothills of the snowy mountains. Brother John stopped us to show the snow settling on the mountains, (not in this pic) and a local Tourist Trap Attraction...

I just thought John and Mark wanted another beer! 

Then it was back into the car and Beechworth bound, featuring a little Roots and Blues out of Mali, courtesy of the awesome Tinariwen

Beechworth is stunning. We drove past the Old Jail (which lies fallow, after being bought by a property developer and...well lets just say that there's a story in that) and to the very nicely put togther Armour Motor Inn...

Are we starting to see a THEME here? 

LOL...I put togther a tour poster using and image of Ned's Helmet and thought...wow, great idea. Ok, so maybe its not the most original thought...

The Amour is very nice..

 And there's Rosie Blogging! In part 2 hopefully we'll see some of what he captured this weekend...

With the lads settled in, it was time to go say G'day and try and catch some of the reenactment. Unfortunately, we'd turned up just as it finished :-( but we still got to wander around and check out the sights.


Calliope? Calli...ok...automated music thingamajig

Michael at the Historical Reenactment group was kind enought to show us around the courthouse where Ned was Tried:

The Court room

Outside the courthouse and telegraph station, ro the right is where the put up the stalls for the Festival.

Ned may have been amazed to see the industry that his legend has spawned:

Better off Red than Ned??

I purchased myself my very own Furry Ned and Ned Biscuits.

Even in the dry cleaners, the Outlaw Legend Lives on:

Gouge dry cleaners? 

One of the best parts of wandering around Beechworth was the Brewery with excellent boutique beer, unfathomably good pizza and local lasses the Orange Blossoms, who played some great stuff:

Dixie Chicks watch out! lol!

The girls were playing all weekend and were rapturously well recevied. look out for them.

So after an afternoon of enjoying the Towns delights, it was time to get organised for our own show at the Hibernian.

As we arrived at the Hibernian I was intercepted by two bearded gentlemen who suggested it might be in the interests of my continuing health to make sure the band was 'good'...


I managed to get a few moments of footage and as we're still alive, I guess we passed muster.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Annie!

We were greatly honored to be able to play a Ned Kelly Song in Beechworth on a historic anniversary (give or take a day) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite the heat inside the pub, outside the temperature had reached 1celsius (OMG) and for the first time in Australia, I had to scrape my windscreen clear of ice.

From there, it was off to Albury the next day for a gig at the Astor! It was only fitting as we wrote the song that led to this tour on our way back from Albury where our last gig had been at the Astor...


 David on Sound kept us going all weekend! Cheers D.

A big Hi to Cuz! (one for the car, one for the house), Ted, the relatives Graeber and the others that came to join us for the afternoon, including the gorgeous Ms Bilston and Miss O.

Stormcellar as the backing band for Sharyn Bilston!

And what better way to conclude a tour than with an After Tour Party! (our first!) Hosted by the lovely Ms S and Ms O.

And Happy Birthday Paula!

Which only left us with the task of putting Rosie on a Train so he could make his morning meetings, then time to collapse...

A big thanks to the whole crew for a short but intense tour, especially Brother John for (well, you know what for) and Miss S for her hospitality.

I'll  post more pics etc as they come back in...

Where's that lemsip???