Back at Jacks Pub last night with Air Swing. Katoomba sure is cold. Big ups to Mr George for once again filling Rosie's shoes (Rosie is better, but we have a tour coming up so we gave him Extra Get Wellness Time...). Hey to J. from Perth (what is it with Perth girls out and about at the moment???). As per usual, I didnt take a damn shot of us, but I managed to get a snap and some video of Air Swing!
Watching the Detectives goes roots!

I got a chance to jam with the boys before the stormcellar set, including a quick shot at Polk Salad Annie (for all you Tony Joe White Fans). The gearin is a tribute to art deco and we had a chance to check out the accomodation last night and its pretty darn nice.  Also saw a Puggley Buzzard poster up on the wall (Way to go Puggs!) so it was just like Old Times!

We're off to the Country for the Iron Crown Tour next week. Hopefully we'll be at full strength...