Aki Jammin in the Stormcellar on a cold, wet and wintry night!

Finally, on our third go at this, we got it! Yay! Thanks to Pete and Aki and George, we finally got the messy, impromptu and downright fun session we've been aiming for.

Pete Doherty joined us with some jazzy and rootsy tunes...little did he know that after a short spell on stage, he would be surrounded by cellar-ites who refused to let him off stage until he had called another four tunes.

With Rosie still in Quarantine (LOL), the 'Who's going to solo in swamp monster' question was answered by George!

George watching Pete!

SO in addition to getting to play a few of our numbers, we had the great fun of combining with random muso mates and producing new (LOL) version of old songs. 

We send our hangover sympathies to Lisa and the Perth Squad, who were last seen heading for the Taxi Club and a Lapdance (don't ask me) and to all the guest jammers. We're looking forward to seeing you at the next session!