Our dear Rosie was under the weather tonight so we were a guitar down...yikes....and with a full rads show to do....Double Yikes!

But, as they say in the classics, the show must go on, so we rearranged our set and powered on for the gig. Full Kudos to Paul for figuring out how to be in 2 parts at once. Rosie get well!! 

Nonetheless, the Rads turned out another huge doylo crowd, bob and bruce did the business, the roadcrew had new hairdos and a good night was had by all.

Minus the guitar work from MR, it was a very stripped back and rootsy affair. ARGH! The Doylo crowd were very obliging and danced. However, I just wasnt up for doing 'swamp monster' without the actual "monster" (Rosies Guitar) because then it would be...just...err...'swamp'..but you never know, that might work....naaah.

We played Shake'em Down Mama tonight, which we havent at a Rads set for a while, and that worked out OK. I think Down Before may have been too...err...down...for a saturday night (sans blistering MR solo....sigh), but parchment farm found a new place when the crowd sang along to the midnight special intro. Cheers guys, but you stole my line!!!!...Ok, fogerty's line. Fair enough.

It was a late finish and long drive. Tomorrow night we have the Jamming in the Stormcellar session and it looks like we'll have a few friends coming to join us.

Until then, garlic, horseradish, echinacea for everyone!