Paul and MRose doing guitarist type stuff at Padstow...

Howdy Folks. Two shows this wekend with The Radiators - great night on Friday (Hi Judy!) in a small space with big sound. And you never know who's lurking back stage.

Watching the Detectives - taking a photo of the Rads backstage whilst someone is taking a photo of them. Escher like, ne'es ce pas?

We had the same set more or less both nights, friday being a bit shorter. A minor mechanical mishap prevented us from doing Mississippi Meltdown due to the impossibility of finding little bits of plastic on a dark stage with flashing, blinking lights going off. Last week  left my Bb harps out of my case and we couldnt do big bird (dont like 2nd position for it). The trials and tribulations of a Band With No Roadies!! Ok, except for Pete. Pete is our honorary Roadie.

As per usual, the Rads draw a crowd who are there to get down.or up. Or whatever the appropriate term is. Jeez they're a hard working band.

I've been trying alternate phrasing on my Harp bits, given that I've been playing the same phrases for a while and like all experimentation, it sometimes works, sometimes goes horribly wrong. Although I didnt drop more than my usual Unforced Errors, I am still not quite sure how I managed to keep it all in time. Saturday, mid way through a harp solo, heading back into the chorus of something, I thought I was destined for calamity and still dont know how the hell I managed to land looking like I did something I meant to do. I mean, it was in time (says me lol) but where the heck those notes came from and how they made sense....neener neener. Maybe it was the flashing lights from the Rad's production.

Brother John (Bass) is starting to explore some of his own new territory which leads me to another minor problem -  I am sometimes too busy enjoying what they're playing to remember that I am meant to do something (E.g: 'sing'). Brother John was doing this whole Bass Run Thing and I didnt want to interrupt it with the lyrics (LOL) which meant I kind of compressed the verse into half the space so I could listen to the end of the Bass run in 'Down Before'.

Both gigs were good sets (IMNSHO), for my money Friday sounded better (Pete, our honorary roadie agrees). 

We have the EP Launch this week (wednesday) and then I plan on collapsing into a singularity for a while.



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