The Spacejunk EP is scheduled for landing on the 15th of July and we're in the middle of mixing SC2. Its a busy time, so it has affected my blogging :-(.

ye gods.

So, to keep it short:
  • Playing this weekend at Avalon  RSL (Friday Night), Blacktown Sports(?) (Saturday)
  • Spacejunk back from mastering, final artwork getting completed and then off for pressing, Will it be ready by the launch????? Only St Nigel can answer that question!
  • SC2 in mixing - three songs mixed, 9 to go. Mastering to follow, then artwork etc etc.
  • Video clips in production for SC2. Stay tuned for more...err...videoclips
There's a bunch of stuff happening, which i will post, as often as I can, without my head exploding from trying to remember that one teeny last detail.




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