Great night at the SBS monthly Jam last night. Great night for female vocalists with Michelle Van der Meer and Vikki Nikk doing stand out sets.

For those that aren't in the loop, the Sydney Blues Society puts on a jam with a house band on the last sunday of the month at the Botany View hotel in newtown. We had the pleasure of introducing the nights jamming and finishing the vening off with a final set.

Even with the slightly down communal vibe of the last few days, Sunday was a celebration of blues and live music (freudian slip?).

A good night for a jam and a great night for a gig. Cheers to KK and Lindsay in particular, Lindsay having driven all the way from Eden just to catch the show.

Sandwiched between the football and the ten pm curfew, a night at the SBS is a nice way to spend a Sunday evening. be sure to get along an check out the local talent.



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