We managed to get a week off last week (thank you Jesus)...except for the other stuff we had to do...so it wasnt really a week off...um. You know what i mean. We didnt have a gig. Right.

So we made up for it on Saturday and Sunday with a trip to Engadine and Dee Why.

What a night Saturday turned out to be:

Emily is getting married on the 16th to Adam. Congrats guys! So Emily and her friends were out for their hens night.....read on for that gig and more!

I just visited my cousin in Adelaide for his wedding (Hey Jay, Hey Tamara), so it seems to be all the rage. So I wasnt surprised to see Emily and her friends preparing for her upcoming nuptials witha night out at the engadine.

They were having a good time. A REALLY good time. Perhaps.....too good.

As per usual, I was trying to video clip little bits of the guys as they do stuff, with mixed results as my phone cam kept turning itself off. ARGH. For example, the solo at the end of the clip (above) was really spot on and Mark was lashing out:

The girls needed to get their groove on so they were up and dancing. And doing other stuff (ask the boys, a gentlemen never tells...but he does try to take pics!! ARGH!! CAMERA DEAD!!! NOOOOOO)...

You see, after a few songs (Yamanote Line, Big Bird) they were grooving and decided they were A: Female B: out on the town C: Invincible and D: Invisible. Note that the girl behind Mark is the lucky Bride to Be. 

I was unexpectedly joined for vocals by one lass, but from all accounts, the action was going on behind me. DAMN! The highlight for me was Pauls look of discomfort whilst trying to play his riff in Roscoes Boogie with a Bridesmaid Draped over him. Classic stormcellar stuff.

 Of course, Emily decided to join in with vocals too...but had a quick...moment...The following footage goes black for a bit.

Thats when I caught her before she.......err...tripped over a mike stand. She was quite 'tired and emotional' as you might say!

I for one, dont object to this kind of stuff - perhaps its better to say that its a regular occurence, so I guess I am getting used to it. However, I am not so sure that the other guys are 'down' with it. MR pointed out that this doesnt happen at 'indy' venues because people are 'too cool' to do that. Even mark has started asking for Chicken Wire (NO kidding, we got a request for RAWHIDE!~!!!)

TO EMILY, ADAM & Friends, the best to you on your wedding day!

(BTW we are available for parties! LOL)

Ahem. Moving on.

After the girls departed for their next stop, we were left with a group of dudes...Hey to Glenn, Tommy, Tony and Brother Darryl. Not that I am complaining, but we started with chicks and ended with dudes (that's a tad freudian, eh? Eh?).

We ended the night late and after a brief drive home, I had another Late Night Gig (OMG 3am) to play a quick last set with my good friends from Motherboard, Tosh & Sean. We'll miss ya Tosh.

That meant home by late and then an early rise to get up for the afternoon session at the time and tide.

Despite the phone camera going a bit wonky I was able to capture another Stormcellar Gig Moment:

LOOK FAMILIAR????? Ok. Obviously Chicks Dig Roscoes Boogie (roscoe are u listening? Your theme song gets them going for true!!!!).


We had a grand old time at the T&T, especially after multiple coffees. Hey Garth, hey Darcy! If I hadnt been so stuffed, I might have taken some more shots. As per usual, we brought the weather with us and we had intermittent bursts of rain, but a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

A while ago, we responded to something in the Drum that said 'why should people come see you' and I finally have an answer. At yesterdays gig and Saturday nights gig, we had a series of silly, fun, harmless crazy moments - both on and off stage. Musically, Mark and MR are starting to break it down, to add in new elements - that means its different every time.. its still growing, and thats a wonderful thing to watch.

So the short answer to 'why come see you play' is that its never dull and often very interesting :-)

This week we're getting ready for our next spacejunk session (saturday), recording more for SC2 (Tuesday and Wednesday) and playing Friday at the Penrith RSL with the Radiators.

See you there!



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