A big Howdy to all the Joomla Bear's stopping by on account of BigBear putting a link into his newsletter. We're using the Transparent Bliss template and as you can see, its pretty nifty.
We swapped out (we, I mean me) the default images in the background directory with some freebie stuff from NOAA which suited our vibe. This site does what we want and under joomla 1.5 (EDIT for clarity - we're using legacy 1.0 mode to support the comment system for members) plus Big Bear helped us to mod the site with add ons to make it easier to manage.

More importantly, when we got hacked due to a joomla exploit, BigBear got on skype and sorted us out within a few hours. Refused payment. Just wanted to help.

No kidding folks, we have the love for JoomlaBear, and so should you. If you use their free templates, donate to them. if you want something developed, consider them as a good choice.

If you want to ask any questions on how this site is for management etc etc, drop me a line via the contact page.




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