What do you get the guitarist who's got everything? I rigged up an LED system for Paul cos he's having trouble seeing
the frets when the stage lights are RED!

Ok, so here's the trouble.

Playing on big stages at clubs with flashing blinking bleeping lights is making it tough for Paul to see his frets, so, being a fool for LED's ( They are teh shiznit) I decided to rig him up like the Borg.

That's a 5 LED caplight with a suction cup mounting that sits between the strings and fires down the frets. the light seeps under the slide and also reflects forward from the slide when Paul plays. Note in the first picture there's also an Ear Mounted light to add a little vision from the opposite direction.

Both the caplight and the earlight were stock items from jaycar Electronics, the mounting bracket is two suction cups purchase from Hardware house and cut and slotted together. I will probably replace these with something a little more sturdy.

We'll report back on how well the rig holds up to actual stage use!