Kicking off this weekend, we're recording the second album, tentatively dont have a title yet so its just known as 'the second album' - ah! But it does have a catalogue ID!!!
We started laying down guide tracks in March this year, before we had officially released SC1 (whiskey Talking).

The first one we tried as a full blown studio affair was Roscoes Boogie (see previous article) - now I didnt actually expect this song to turn out as a 'proper' song. It was just one of those silly ideas. Until it got the special touch from Mr Wizard. (Paul hates it when I call him that, I ignore him because; A: its my blog B: I LIKE the nick name)

EDIT: This upgrade we did to the site is deleting half the damn blog ...bugger...must fix this.

Anyway - we have 16 tracks to choose from for 12 -13 slots. Possibly.

The remainder + a couple of fave covers are destined for a limited release EP we have planned for January...

I'll post updates as we get into it.

Rgds -