Tribal Rhythms in Munmorah! Weather Advisory Tour 2008 Concludes in the rain, mists and beats of the central coast!

Hey Folks. Well, apart from the special thankyou post to come, this is the last update for the Weather Advisory Tour


FORECAST: Sunny (why? We're not playing gigs until the coming weekend)

 After a few much needed days off the road, we once again packed the vehicles and headed for the open road

whereis VS Google VS Offline Maps

After our 'Googling Fools' moment, we swtiched direction guidance. Thank god we had a map. Ok, its not the intertubes. Its us. We need to work on our navigation. But this time, we only missed hte turn off my 1 street. 1! Thats a stunning margin of error of us! Hoorah!

Eerie Lake Munmorah

It was halloween last night, but Lake Munmorah is spoooky in the falling light.


Pulling up to the Brackets & Jam

Community Roots

The Brackerts & Jam is truly a community event - volunteers do the cooking, sound, setup and packdown. Its an awesome community vibe. Thats why they get so many travelling musicians to drop in for a jam, and we were grateful to get in on the action. Cheers Andrea!

Distant Drums

As we pulled up, the Drum Jam was going and doing its thing. Groover (mark) was keen to get out of the car and intot he drums and the boys just watched on.

The Sherriff Rides Again - Mal back in the Saddle at the Brackets Gig

International Talent 

The Brackets put together a terrific line up, including Dave Stone (Yo dave, WAZZAAAAA), the fantastic Amy Vee (awesome voice...version she did of Massive Attack song sent the crowd nuts!) and the hilarious and sparkling Max Hay - max is on his way to NZ and is possibly the friendliest person you'll ever meet. He also ranged from Reggae to Irish Folk songs and the crowd loved him.

Shake'em Down

What can you add to Folk, Roots, Blues, Massive Attack, Vege Burgers, Sea Shanties, choruses of durmmers...I have it....Belly Dancers! Yes the local belly dancing school came out and Literally Shook Their STuff.

Drum Jam

We got Marks Kits setup just as the second round of the Drum jam. I took a couple of minute sof footage of it. WARNING - its drumming so turn your speakers down a little.

Mark in the Jam 

Jamming whilst the boys set up. See Mal peering through from Backstage and MRose showing the way

Mark got into a clothes changing frenzy!

Stepping In at The Bracket - Gig #6!

We started with Dont Get Around Much tonight and slowly ramped up to some of the faster numbers. I had 3 jedi moments during the evening, so for me, thats a winner. Come Back Baby was on fire. The sound production was great (thanks Allan!) and we grooved with the crowd, joined by some Congas and some extended drum runs to keep the drum jam vibe going.

That was a great way to end a tour and a great night. Thanks to all the Brackets, families and volunteers.

One More Time 

Thus for the final time on this tour, we re-re-re-re-re-packed the car and headed for Highway 111 and the bright lights of Sydney town, happy, musically fulfilled (HA!), tired and ready to do it all over again.

Ok, thats it. I'm done. Its Sunday. I'm gonna go do what ever it is I do when I'm not doing this (What goes on at home, stays at home!!!)

But - BE WARNED!!!! We enjoyed that tour so much we're gonna do it again. So if you see dark stormclouds gathering on your horizon, start checking the gig guides for your next Weather Advisory.


PS: thankyou blog to come!