Hurrah! Our First Official Tour to Melbourne! Hmm...Ok, lets try that again...Our First Official Tour NEAR Melbourne!  Stormcellar are bringing the bad weather down south.

Check here for updates Cries For Help if the Car Breaks Down!!


update 1 - 19/10/08 (yes I know we havent left yet, but there's an upate)

Update 1: Ok, if you've seen the limited release tour poster and checked our gig listing, you will have noticed that: A: We're at the Sando, not the Lansdowne on the 28th (we're at the Lansdowne on the 29th of the following month. My bad). and B: I've listed the 25th as a Friday, which it patently is not. Its a Saturday. I had a minor photoshop malfunction (i.e: I screwed up the artwork....sigh)

As to the 'Secret Gig'...well...I'll have more on that....when I have more on that!

If you live in Melbourne, this will be your first chance to catch Stormcellar live at the Nighthawk! For your Albury Wondonga Folks, we're bringing Mark 'Groover' Graeber back to where he got the nickname.