Howdy Folks.

Flew in from FNQ the night before, same temperature as Sydney in the Winter now. Global Warming anyone?

We played the Merton Estate last night - another favourite haunt for local music. One of those pubs whose proximity to a main road is lessened by the fact that everything around it is a rats nest of 'No Through Road' signs - but - they lie! Yes, some of those NTR signs dont mention the leeetle eety beety laneways that snake between the streets off Victoria road. HA!

I've seen Jim Finn, Dave Tice and Theo playing at the Merton. Its got a music afficianado vibe, as evidenced by the fact that most of the folks who came down for the evening were also playing or doing music related stuff.

So not only did we get to play three good sets (more on that in a tick) but I was shown how to spool my cables properly. I was taught that skill many moons ago but have never mastered it properly. Jason spent some time showing me as we packed up and now I'm ready to reel! No kidding. Its a sad but true fact that this sort of things turns me on.

We were priveleged to enjoy the company yet again of so many friends - if the boys would blog (HINT GUYS) you'd get more names outta me (Hi Bobby!).  In particular I wanted to express my thanks to Peter and his wife, who have attened the majority of our gigs. I don't know what to say, except thankyou. Oh. And Earplugs are ok. I wear'em too.

Ahem. Anyway.

We had three sets to do last night, which meant we got the full run of the old stuff and the new stuff. I made mention of how good Mark Groover and Smokey are sounding, and Paul's been given the nickname 'Mr Wizard' (by me) on account of the tricky little line he plays at the end of 'Change your mind' - its magic, but ye Olde Michael Rosenthal is kicking Mucho Guitar Butt. He totally OWNED the yamanote line solo and he's working up the Roscoes Boogie solo into a frenzy.

For the second time in as many gigs, I stuffed up the second chorus of Big Bird (ARGGGHHH!!!!). I am going to do some breathing on it, or tattoo the lines to my hands. One or the other. Hmmm. Had some sticky harp probs, might have needed to mix the harp a little higher. Grrr. Still, all things considered, we hit some good moments. We ran out of songs at the end of the third set, when Javier (Huevon!) called for an encore, so we trotted out the new version of Rock Me Baby (I know you're laughing as you read that line. New? LOL), but we issued a warning first - it was Experimental. Its still in progress, but Mrose and Mr Wizard got their dual guitar riff locked in a couple of times and it had a good feel.

DDJ provided the PA - muchas gracias DDJ - I'm stayin tuned to see how his analogue stuff sounds (check the Donald Deep Jeffs Blog on myspace). The Merton provided a great vibe, great atmosphere and great night. We hope to play there again soon.

We've got some recording to do tonight and a few other things happening, including a TOUR TO MELBOURNE! Ok, so its three gigs, but its still OUR FIRTS..FIRS..PREMIEr..oh crap. We're touring! Roach motels, late night kebabs, speeding tickets and 12 hours of Country Music With Mal!

More soon!