Mr Wizards Shots & Captions From the Sando 

The two Michaels, chillin' after a boogie at The Sando...... " Where's the drinks?"
MJEB RESPONSE: Actual comment. WTF are you doing with the camera.
Mal telling the other 2 M's about a gig in San Francisco with an unlimited bar rider. 
MJEB RESPONSE: Looks more like Mrose has just woken up and seen Mal laying next to him. I look like a greco roman bust. Great work Mr Wizard. Give me that &*! camera
"You ... Mal. ALWAYS with the stories! " 
MJEB: Nope, thats MRose talking about how we're going to physically remove the camera from your hands. I think he's about to punch his palm Menacingly. ARGH. To all readers, please note that there are NO SHOTS of Mr Wizard or Groover here. Groover had to go and Mr Wizard wont let us touch the camera. Please take photos of him and submit them to this website.