There's something that men like that's not Womens Bits or Power Tools - its a good parking spot. Not just any old parking spot, but one right out the front, where patrons will lean against your car and you start wishing you were driving something a little more flash.


But on the upside, ROCKSTAR parking spot!!! Which is good, cos the Sandringhams Room is Upstairs - a long way to lug the drums.

So, we had a good gig, but Oy! Such a parking spot I got. And not a ticket either, unlike some of our band members (who shall remain nameless..MROSE!!!!!!).

We played with the 'Swaggers and Ampalang. Paul can describe the music styles of everyone else. I tried but I was corrected so I have given up. Apparently Ampalang were doing some Psychedelic Bass (Wtf? Bass on acid?) and with Pink Floyd Overtones, The Harvey Swagger band were doing did Paul say again. I thought it was kind of Smashing Pumpkins with some rockabilly, but...aha! Thats right. Paul said something about Teenage Fan Club. So there ya go. I heard it too, but I dont have the lexicon on Mr Wizard (Paul!).

There was a good vibe and plenty of people turned up to see Ampalangs CD Launch. We played a short set (for us!) which featured me forgetting the second half of the second verse of big bird, but as no one (with the exception of Melva! Hi Melva) knew I'd stuffed it up, we kinda got away with it. Paul got attacked by the Red Lights/Where Are My Frets problem again. I keep suggesting LED's on his guitar. He gives me the look he reserves for when I come up with a Mad Scientist Idea.

All the bands stuck around to watch one another nad the boys have been swapping happy notes on guitarist styles. The Harveys even broached into harp territory! 

So whilst the upstairs was cooking, we were fortunate that the noise being made by brett hunt downstairs wasnt audible, cos I think he would have blown us all of stage. I have a confession to make, I think playing harp with a mouthbrace just say I dont have kind words for the idea. It makes me think of Orthodontics from the 1970's (shudder...My Teef Will Be Straight By January!!). Brett Hunt changed my opinion. Not entirely, but enough for me to pull my head in. He did more with a harp in a brace, stompbox and a guitar than Vishnu could have done with more arms.

We got to hear Brett's third set - he poured on the power despite being awake for the past three days cos his little nipper is unwell and been in hospital. Brett dude, you put on a hell of a show and we all send our get well vibes out to your family.

So basically there was music pouring out of the Sando all night. My most exciting non musical moment was when Kingy (who had dropped in to see our set) touched me in places that only a man with gloves on is meant to. Kingy, although I can hardly deny the obvious attraction I must feel to a tall, long haired, mustachioed man with artful tattoos, I normally get at least a kiss before second date. Oh, by the way mate, FINISH TEH ART FOR YOUR WEBSITE!!! Its not much of a comeback, but its all I got.

But no matter what the evening held, I got the primo parking spot. That's a win. Oh. And a free coke from ben at the Bar! The Sando showed the love! YAY!

Until next time!