Wow. What a freaking great night. Wow. What a freaking great night. Hi DDJ, Hi Gary, Hi Pete G. Thanks for coming out on a freezing night, we are humbled by your support. Three solid acts - Bec and Lou from Strange Equation (note, not plural, that was my bad) kicked the evening off for us in style, followed up by the thunderous Bluesbombers. Those boys sure can play. Then we got up for a set. I've never seen so many people dancing. Ok, I mean, outside of a they're meant to be dancing to. Big Bird had them on their feet. Yikes.  There were too many highlights for me to know where to begin. I guess you can start with the fact that each of the bands that played tonight have a different take on the Blues. The Triple Treat Night gave us a chance to sample the spectrum of the blues, from Blue-grass (ish), to Honky Tonk, Boogies, Shuffles, 12 bars. You name it, someone played it. Add to that the presence of the invisible 'Other' member of each of the bands, Bobby on sound. It was a privilege to have an engineer of his calibre mix the stuff. You could feel the texure of the music change as he shifted each sound, each bands song. It simply makes you sound right. At least three guitarists tonight mentioned the Mandolin from Strange Equations set, the crowd went off for the Bluesbombers and we rounded the evening off with a reasonably tight set. Paul and Michael got a bit jiggy dancing around the stage, Mal kicked in some heavy licks on Dont get Around Much and Mark 'Groover' Graeber kept it all in time, on time...You can feel when the vibe is right and tonight hit a number of Jedi moments, not because of our stuff, but because of the collective good vibes that each band fed into the room, under the masterful control of someone who knows to to meld sound and in the presence of people who wanted to enjoy the music (and did!). Thank you so much to everyone that came, Ben, Richard and the gang at the Bridge, Alysse for doing her Ski Bunny stuff, the fabulous Strange Equations, the Mighty Bluesbombers, Gentleman Bob and our Soap Star of The Future (Rhys!) for doing the door. Also a big thanks to Victoria and Jennifer at Media Tree for the help with our promotion! We have spent the last few days making a videoclip for Whiskey Talkin' (more on that in another post!) and we're at the Time and Tide tomorrow, so i'd better get some sleep. Heh. I'm still tapping my foot. What a night. Rgds MJEB 


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