We got Pwned!! Our website was down for about 4 hours today after the audacious Turks tagged and baggeed us.

For all you non geeks, to get 'owned' means someone else hijacking your site/computer. Add a little Web Speak and it becomes 'Pwned'.

For the record, we are amongst a select group of website who have been hacked using a Joomla exploit. If you're a joomla 1.5 user, check this link and make sure you're patched:


Thanks to our awesome friends at Joomlabear, (www.joomlabear.com)  we were up and running pretty quick (Thanks Lachlan, Happy Weddings!). Joomlabear did the template for this site. They're also good guys to call in a crisis. 

To our Hackers:

Thank you for being kind - in all seriousness, you could have done lots of damage, but you generously chose to do some graffiti and run. Thats cheeky, but not utterly evil.

So to SL1pKnot and Audores, we acknowledge your 37337 Skilz, you are mad hax0rs and totally Pwned our box.  We bow. BTW - the music clip you put up was pretty good.

To our mates at Joomlabear, thanks, you went beyond the call of duty for an unsupported open source template.

So...if you see anything on the site thats unusual (LOL) ...from now on...is it us? Or is it.....The Mad Hackers!!!! HAHAHA We Ownzored joo! Hee hee!