Pic: KK (Left, it was his idea to wear sunglasses), Michael (MJEB right top) and Michael (Mrose, Cap!).Paul is there but he's hiding behind the camera! KK's Blues (Fridays 3am-6am 107.3, www.2SER.com/stream)

Cheers to KK for having us up the the heights of the studio at 2SER on Sunday. 

KK is a huge supporter of Local Blues. We're just one of the bands (Darren Jack, Chase the Sun, Finn, to mention a few) who have experienced the love from KK. KK puts a lot of work in to get the music out there in the ether! Thanks KK you're a legend. (READ ON)

KK asked us to come in and do a few acoustic numbers, so dutifully in we went, to the big UTS building on Boradway and waited for KK to come down and lead us past the suspicious Security Guard. Paul says we must have looked very 'Blues' (i.e: disreputable).

We recorded 3 acoustic bits, Scruff of Your Neck, Swamp Monster and Drink you off my mind. We abandoned all hope of keeping in time (in the absence of the Rhythm Section!) and merrily bounced our way through the songs through the studio mikes and had a chat. KK asked us our First Official Band Questions!! (How Media Savvy! huh? Huh?). I even got to plug my Grandma's restaurant! (www.raquelsspanishkitchen.com.au, how can I resist doing it here too!!)

They'll be on air with KK and the blues show on 2SER this Friday 22nd August somewhere between 3am and 6am Australian Eastern Standard Time FM 107.3, www.2SER.com/stream.

Cheers KK!