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 The Last Hurrah at the HPH - gig report

Howdy Folks. Well, that was the end of our first Official Residency, courtesy of the friendly folks at the Harold Park Hotel (Cheers John).

Everyone who has been there and partaken of the renovated vibe and new restaurant has said 'wow, this place has changed'. I think they mean 'for the better'. Seriously, if you live in the glebe area and havent visited in a while, its worth it. Mal says they make one [email protected]*&( of a hamburger :-)

So anyway, the gig! Thanks to everyone who came along to day, to the Family (mine!) and the Determined To Be Different crowd. Cheers to Nicky and Sooz, proud owners of their own copy of 'Whiskey Talkin.' Sympathies to Grahame who turned up despite a Significant night Before.

It was definitely our weather today - one side of the pub was in shadow and lashed by rain, the other in bright sunlight. Global warming? Nope. It's us!

We've had six shows doing three sets an afternoon. Over the weeks, we've shifted songs around in the sets, tested some new songs, changed tempos and feels. That's the benefit of a Residency; something that has been sorely missed by local bands over the last few years. Its good to see pubs once more starting to give them a run.

Things went pretty smoothly today. With each passing set, the Personal Foul Quotient diminishes. Better yet, the ability communicate and recover from unexpected Musical Adventures during a song, improves. Its starting to lock in. Even the stuff we usually worry about (like Shake'em Down Mama) went through pretty well. Once again, we tried to finish with Roscoe's Boogie - its almost there. Not quite, but close.

EDIT: Sweet Misery worked OK. In fact, most things we did worked OK. We did get a note from the Neighbours saying we were Audible for the last song of the second set, but no complaints were received during set 3, so we musta got the volume levels right! Hurrah! Now for Roscoes Boogie, we've tried this one a few times and its almost there. Its sooo close. ARGH! Just over that next hill. I've been listening to various Cadences to put in the break section and am going to ask for some input from our In Country listeners. Heavens only know what it will turn out like..

This was just a good fun afternoon with freinds, family and new faces who came to see the show and stuck around for an afternoon in the cellar.

We have some additional gigs on the cards that we'll be posting when confirmed, so we hope to see you, dear reader, at one of them soon!