Hi All,

Paul here (Mr Wziard) , finally got around to starting this blog.

Re chord shapes. I am trying to find an easy way to put guitar neck chord charts up (apart from scanning from paper). If anyone knows one please send it here.

First a bit on tunings. I use 3 guitars live, tunings are bass to treble strings are >

E A E A C# E


D A D F# A D

Along with capos it gives me access to play in all keys, though I try to play in keys with out capos, sometimes the open-string nature of the chords used in the composition makes it a must for slackers like me.

Advantages >
you can ceate special chords with voicings not availble with standard tuning.

Some riffs easier to play and you can work up a ones of your own and new chords that will drive your your fellow musicians nuts. Micheal R.is always ribbing me at rehearsals
"Okay Mr.Open Tuning, what's that chord called ?" 
"Errhh, I guess you caould call it a G suspended plus 7 over G# bass... or perhaps a G demolished ...or then again it might be Ab argumetive...or.."

Disadvantages >
you have to forget every chord shape you have ever learnt.
Also once you learn all the chords in major keys, you need to learn the MINOR chords in a major tuning.
Gets tricky when you have to play a minor solo in a major tunings...but thats another story. More later. 

keep slidin' and cheers,
Paul R