Slide Guitar Tips #3
Hi slide freaks,
here are some chord shapes I use playing 12 bar based blues in A Minor, while guitar is actually still tuned to A major.
I have included 2 chors useful for a lasty tasty chord in the turn-around.
E flat 6 (you can hear it in the standard "Stormy Monday")
and Gsus4+ flat 9 (a bitch to play in standard tuning)
Of course the real test comes when you have to take a solo. You must make sure to mute the 2nd string (C#) if you a barring across with the bottleneck or play single note lines making sure keep the third minor. You can also try playing patterns further up the neck so as to avoid that pesky 3rd.
Dont forget you can use a capo to shift these shapes to a higher key if you want. Personally I dont like to capo higher than the third fret for slide work as it gets a bit skinny sounding.