AJ sent us back the Kid. This whole album has been such an amalgam of places people and things.

By my calcs, we have 3 more tunes due to make the number the boys consider an 'album'.

I can't say which one's will make the last cut. The production process has been pretty wild. The songs have been mutating in the mix, or forming in the mix. Yeah I know that's an intrinsic part of the process, just this is...a lot. More than previously. I think. 

This brings us to the last production sessions, then mixing, and then a listening party to see where we stand. With mixes from me, AJ and Ben, this reminds me a little of Curious Assembly. Almost there. Sort of. 

We'll be starting up live shows soon. And we can't do some of these songs live yet cos we got so many international guests to join us. I am not even sure we'll be doing some of these live. Well, under certain circumstances we would. We would need a bigger boat tho', to borrow a meme.

Stay well out there. We're doing our thing in here.