I can tell when an album is getting closer. We start assembling a look book.

I'm not gonna explain this one, but there ya go.

So we are basically in 3 modes: 1 group of tracks are getting final polish before official 'review'.

The next group are out with Ben and AJ, and that's in their time mode.

That brings us to the Problem Song group and the New Easier More Appealing group. Given the ups and downs of weather, COVID and post COVID effects on time frames, this remains an uncollapsed quantum state. Could be we have a break though on the tough ones, in which case, whammo.

Or new stuff comes together fast - that happens - see Chase the Dragon for example, or onward traveller.

Some stuff takes longer to cook :)

Can't say. This one has mutated so hard it's impressive in its inability to be categorised. Work continues though, that's as it should be.

Live gigs too. New stuff. Are we even gonna play some of this weirder stuff live? Where are we gonna get a trumpet player from. And the sitar?

So many questions. Your card, lobster.