I took the opportunity to put all the tracks into a play list and have a listen through. That's a good sign.

Some stuff is still pretty bare bones tho, and it would be famous last words to predict how long it will take to complete the last stuff.

AJ is working on 2, Ben is working on 1, I have 4 at 'mixed-or-close-to-it' stage and 2 finished, with three more in 'likely to arrive soon' state.

Word got out. People have noticed we're back in the studio. Oops. I figured we have been hiding in plain sight for so long that no one was looking :)

This is the most diverse album since Curious Assembly. Good to see we haven't settled down yet.

I am way too cautious to put a time frame on it. It's taken a while. Yeah. 

Meanwhile imma do some more cheap videos.

We're trying to get the next eps of downtime back online. Covid, weather, etc etc, has not been easy to organise. Oh and big ups to Cellar Dweller P. for his riotous success. Nice to know we have fans in high places.