Doncha love spreadsheets? imma make some Uber Cheap vids for some of the songs, as part of a post covid budgeting cutback program and also for some artsy reasons I wanted to do some bare bones stuff. Short story long, I'm not sure whether it matters what the clip is, anymore. People are using Youtube as a jukebox. seems more important to have the songs up than to do big clips we can't afford. It's cheap to write an expensive idea. Expensive to make it.
As I started thinking about the idea, i figured I'd look at how many specific music videos I've made since we started. Turns out it's 43.
Brave with your Heart Pt 2. (Dome)
Brave with your heart, pt 5 (Valiente Corazon)
Chalk Angels
Chase the Dragon (to Be with you tonight)
Cheap Hotel
Country Radio
Dirty Work (COVER)
Don't Get Around Much
Don't Take It So Hard
Down & Dirty
Downward Bound
Eight Days After
Even In a Lifetime
Everywhere Feels Like Home - Ecstatic Yeti Mix
Everywhere Feels Like Home - Strings Theme
Feel so blue
goin downtown
Hard Times
Heavy Weather
Hidden Hands
I'm better off without you
Little Big Bird
Looking Glass
Lucky Streak
one in a million
Onward Traveller
Pirouette (Acoustic)
Put on your sunhat, Sweet Adeline
Rock River
Roscoes Boogie
Sail Away
Sail Away (Cypher Remix Rev 7)
Slipping Through These Blues
Suit Yourself
Swamp Monster
Texas Rosie
Upside of down
We The People
Yamanote Line (Hi Stylin Women)
You can't push me away