Fr fr no cap, as they say on the web these days.

Whilst being grateful to have been able to work on the new stuff during COVID using the gear we had available, oh my goodness was it nice to go into a well appointed studio again. Monitoring? check. Setup ease? check. Even a new drum kit. Theo was pretty stoked with the Gretsch kit Ben has, he made happy drummer noises.

I felt like I needed some guidance on final vocals, so I was glad to see Ben. Even gladder when he got a ping on for Strange Pleasures and volunteered to mix it. Really? WOOOOOT!

Another one off my list. 

We're due to meet and review the current batch. There are 3-4 that still need some work, the rest are moving towards 'we've done as much as we know how to do' status.

Some new shows coming up. Things are going to the New Normal. Whatever that is.

With some luck and continued perseverance, we may see the next album within a few months.

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