It's getting there. Wow. Final vox done on 4 songs. ish. I think.

It's also at the point where i need to consult a spreadsheet to work out where each one is up to and who's mixing it. Ben wants to have a go at 'Strange Pleasures' which is cool. Sort of. I mean the idea of this thing was DIY so...err...hard to turn down the offer tho. As in OF COURSE YES.

Mama di'n't raise no fool.

Elapsed time tho is...2 years-ish. I mean yeah yeah Covid/End Times/Alien Invasion what have you, and yet....still? Ok yes we released an EP and a live album. Ok fine. But this shi...stuff...has taken...err...the time it took?

One day I'll ride off into the sunset on a Buffalo. Today is not that day. guy on a buffalooooo.

There's still a bunch of stuff to go. Plus more tracks to round it out to the requisite target number.

You know I came here to sort of say' hey we're making progress' and now I think about it there's a lot more to be done and not as much as I think.

I get that each album has been its own unique trip. I mean, journey. Who am I to say that this total chaos is not the best way to make an album.

Meanwhile, we can sing along with guy on a buffalooooo