It's been a while since we had a live show in front of humans. We even had some requests. 'Play swamp monster' (we didn't rehearse it so we didn't), 'Play Sweet Mama' (ok, can do, we had rehearsed it), 'Show us your bumhole'...What? 

"Show us where you pee!"

Neither of those are songs of ours.

As I replied to the heckler, I usually don't get asked that until after one of the Ballads.

Ah Sydney, we missed ya and you never fail to surprise.

Happy birthday to Tom who is known as Tom, but was also named 'Bob'. Cheers to Miss Suzanne, Ms Sal and all the folks that joined us last night.

I especially liked that the background music for the night was Secret Treaties by BÖC. My favourite of their albums, sadly we didn't make it all the way to Astronomy but I got to sing along for Harvester of Eyes and Cagey Cretins. Well done to the lads, good to sing the new songs. Good to be back doing the thing.

Meanwhile, before the next show, I guess I gotta go look up Bottom Bleaching, after all, it's good to be prepared for requests!

mmm Chocolate Starfish!