So I was talking to F.O.T.B The D-Man the other day, as we worked on stuff. I says: 'Hey. I feel like making a videoclip.'
D-man says 'oh gosh, we've gone past music videos'

Ever had a moment where something just clicks into place. Daaaaaaaaaaamn.

The 1980's band-as-heroes-protagonists etc has gone out the window, except maybe for the heavily marketed legacy acts. videos from the 1980's look silly.

Since 2008 I have loaded around 700 videos to youtube, and made around 40 specific music videos.

I've done

  • dance
  • live action
  • computer animation
  • stop frame animation
  • drama
  • live actors
  • on location stuff
  • found footage
  • real time recordings on a dock, at the beach, on eddy avenue at 3am. In a freakin observatory dome.

I've filmed the band live, on tour, you name it.

Add that to the seasons of Downtime and we have quite a catalogue.

I've pretty much made most of the types of things I wanted to have a crack at. So....what next?

The video isn't the marketing tool it used to be. At the moment, it's more about being a convenient way of sharing the songs so I might give myself a break and make a few low impact, easy clips to get some of the songs out there.