Our of all the creative skills I have absorbed over time, the most powerful of all is...

the spreadsheet.

Wooot we're making progress. Crikey it feels slow. And then you check the sheet and the little boxes are starting to turn green. Green is good.

With our mate AJ helping us now, we've had a Project Fork. It means I may not be doing final mixes when I mix. AJ is picking the songs he wants to have a go with so my mixes are somewhere between a final and a maybe.

This is a good result. I mix it the way I think it ought to sound, AJ has a go with the songs he thinks he can enhance at a mixing level. He has waaaaay more sound toys and technical gubbins than I have. Somewhere between mixing and mastering, and if I am understanding the general vibe, this is the way things are being done these days. New times, new processes.

It's still going to be a few months to catch up to the material. Besides which, do 'Albums' even exist? Hmmm.

As soon as we get a break in the weather, more Downtime episodes. As soon as the gig situation opens up, some gigs. Until then, we're still at it. 

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