After what seems like forever, I am pleased to report we're...back to where we were before sickness/covid lock down 3/disruption.

With the completion of the Rhythm parts for 'strange pleasures' we're now into Brand New stuff, which, if you are a regular reader, you will know is our Happy Place.

Once again, our focus is the discipline of finishing the work we have in front of us, even when it seems to take forever.

Some of the disruptions have been beneficial. The work flow on this album is verrrrry different to previous ones. Both in length of time it is taking us to complete, and in methodology.

Without Gigs to pay for the mixing, doing the mixing ourselves was the best way to go. Having someone with AJ's skills volunteer to mix a few is a great disruption. Thanks to our Cellar Dweller sponsors for helping us to get on with it.

Also, as we've been working on a few of these for a while, they have mutated whilst in production.

Usually, by the time we get the the studio the songs have been road tested at gigs. Ditto, when we get to the studio, the band preference is to get in, get it done and bugger off. Efficiency is prized by this crew.

With this extra time, the complexity of the tracks increased. Mr Wizard pointed out that one of the mutant variants now has 6 layers of guitars.


I can fairly say, without the slow down, we wouldn't have had the mutation. Thus, YAY!

This is still going to take a bit tho. 1 song released as a single, 4 in review with AJ he's likely to mix 2 of them so far, more in production and more in development.

Not all of them will wind up on the same album, I just can't tell which ones will be done first. In fact not all of them will make the grade. We'll see. 

Weather/illness has disrupted Downtime episodes so we're due to complete 4 episodes to finish season 3.

Good times in weird times :)

Stay safe out there.