...scouring all in its path. Theo's on a mission. A mission to change the beat he laid down before.

I counted about 5 disruptions that have happened along the way so far. Each disruption has added time to the process. A couple of the disruptions are positive, such as our mate AJ offering to help out. Some of them, notably covid and illness, have been less fun.

Also the flooding.

Nonetheless, thanks to the inexorable drive to finish the ****ing songs, we're now at 9 in process. 1 release, 4 in review with AJ, 4 more in mixing and fixing, and the rest in development. As I've only got so much space int he mental carpark, i kinda gotta get these first ones up to a certain stage before I can go to the next thing. Gawd it feels slow. It is slow. Then again, this is our first pandemic in a while.

Maybe things are in fact moving at the best possible speed. Stay safe out there y'all. Healing vibes to some friends of ours who could do with it also.