Chris Bailey passed away this week. Singer from the Saints. I'll listen to 'just like fire would' occasionally for the rest of my life. It's one of those foundational songs. What a time this is.

I finally blew up the site today. But I fixed it. Contemplating the idea of losing 14 years worth of website didn't bother me. Curious observation. Rebuild. restart. Seemed ok.

It came back tho, as technical things are wont to do. I am quite likely to try blowing it up again. Maybe this time it will stay dead :)

Listening to Pirouette again today. Have been a few times. Out of the songs we've done, and the one's you get personally attached to, that one seems to be a return. In fact, the whole rogue state album is pretty full on, and that's Bill's influence for sure. If you haven't had a listen in a while, take another gander.