This is officially well the longest it has taken us to get an album out. Big thanks to our sponsors for the help btw.

And it's gonna be a while yet. 

1 song is released (upside of down), shout out to Lady Suzanne for the sponsoring of the mix.

4 are mixed but now being remixed cos AJ wanted to get in on the action (which is a good thing).

The rest are in final tracking and re-arrangement cos both Mr Wizard and Theo decided to redo things just cos. And why not? With us doing the recording in the backyard and the mixing in The Cooler (my room with the window open) all rules are subject to change.

Also covid. Flooding. Some wars. Context.

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.

This is full speed. LOL. (sigh)

looks like our first gig in 4 months will be on the 8th of April at the Townie.

Wow. What a time.

Stay safe out there :)