I know it's a weird time in the world. I'm glad Downtime is built to go with the tempo of the chaos. One of the guys had to can today because of a possible Covid symptoms. This is the norm now. Another venue told me they are juggling acts for recurring cancellations for the same reason. Gives me a moment to take a pause and review.

After a delay in resolving some technical issues on the song production side we are finally almost back to where we were 2 months ago.

I am feeling grateful. Our mate A. got flooded, and the are there are things happening around the world that prompt a little consideration of context.

We remain lucky down here, and fortunate to be able to continue what we're doing. 

From the current batch of songs. we're now mixing 5, fixing 3 and working on the rest, with one released as a single (upside of down).

Downtime still has 3 eps to close out season 3, and we are hoping to do some socially distanced live shows soon.

Step by step we're getting it done. A little extra breeze would help the ship go faster tho' :)