2022 huh? We started in 2007. Yikes right? 15 years of mutation. And it continues.

Look forward to sharing the new stuff with ya when we get a chance. It's taken a while to clear the logjam.

Today we made further progress on the backlog of stuff from The Great Pause.

Everyone's getting booster shots, which is helpful cos we already had one member in the hospital for a day with this damned thing. Not to mention our good friend down south who lost her battle with it.

The mixing stuff has kept me plenty busy. These recordings are definitely shaped by the times, what we can and can't get done. That seems fitting. Each of the albums has been its own place and time.

It seems like it takes forever, and then it's done. Like life, I guess ;)

We're making headway with this lot at long last. DIY has some risks (oh boy) and some freedoms, so we're going nuts. What the heck. :)

Not surewhen we're gonna be out in public. Not sure when the next streaming session is. I can say I expect to have some new music out and if I am lucky, some video too. Stay well out there, visit when you feel. :)