We have 17 tracks in production and post. That's a lot. For us to have in an unreleased state.

Working on it as best we can. 

I am hoping to see another iteration of website changes, it's about time.

When we started the blog, it was for R, and Big Daddy and a few other folk who were overseas, sometimes in harms way. 

I knew from Dad's time in service that having a touchstone of the mundane was important.

R would write to me about being on QRF or dodging mortar rounds while playing soccer.

I'd write back about problems with the PA, issues with the van we hired for a run to newcastle (the van that smelled of fish).

Having the blog was a way of sharing this experience. In particular, for me, the sheer joy of driving through New South Wales, of getting on the road, travelling and meeting people, hearing the stories, telling the stories of others.


(btw thats a photo from jonesy but its pretty innit)


Our first articles here started in 2008. Wow.

The world sure has changed in the time we have been active. The local greats we grew up with are moving on. The way the world interacts with media has changed dramatically.

CD's are more or less a niche item. Streaming services have made a difference in how music sells and works, and well....

In this time, we have made 700+ videos, coming up on our 14th album, done 5 trips to the US, won the Blues Player of the year, been on the charts with....ah heck you know all this already, and you come read this blog in spite of it ;).

Thank you for being with us on this journey, I hope you'll stick around as we continue our work. Be calm if you see any changes or the website blows up :) That'll just be us mutating.