Waiting for one of the chaps to heal up from some dentistry and then we are ON.

The tech stuff is a bit wobbly but we're basically now able to do guide tracks, record and mix online.

We have setup up an input and capture system at each persons end. Basically, we can record our parts, merge them and then listen and edit. Together.

Of course as lockdown in Sydney heads towards a conclusion...lol...but we still have a few weeks.

And now that we're able to basically do what we did, what's on?

We have three 'garden's growing at the moment, maybe 4.

1. Clarkesdale.

The recording we made over there are being mixed. By an anonymous person (me!, more on that later) That's likely to yield an EP.

2. Salon Project 

This is Stormcellar in other universes. It will yield an album with a working title of 'weather on other planets'

3. Awakening Project

The first studio album for Stormcellar Collective.

Six tracks in mixing and fixing, six more that were in development before lockdown.

4. Mr Wizards Lockdown Batch and More

As we have filled up an album's worth, anything new goes to something else.

Next Steps

We'll be doing as much of this as we can online, and sharing it, keeping people company. Join us on fb/yt for Lockdowntime as soon as you see it livestreaming.

When Lockdown is over, we'll be back out, vaxed and ready to play :)