After weeks of Sydney Lockdown, I may be losing track of time.

Ok so. We had sort of worked out how to keep making the current studio album....Aaaaand then Theo's LGA got Super Locked Down.

Coggers, Mr Wizard and Paul are all in Uber Secret Mega Lockdown. Fox is on the run. I am taking an indefinite Nap.

Undeterred, and with a cup of tea, we'll be doing song arrangement tomorrow to finish 2 more songs for the current project and look at some new stuff.

I have finished research into how to do these tracks 'remotely' and now we are ready to start testing.

With some luck, might even be abe to stream some of the sessions as we work on it.

One of the best things about being vaccinated is the new Laser Beams eyes from the Chip they have installed. Brilliant. I'm now a WIFI hotspot. Ok all kidding aside, yes to Vax from this harp player.

Oh yeah and the Blues Collection is finally headed online. I made an error in the Data so I had to fix it. Two more collections due out soon.

Stay safe, keep well, get vaccinated. More soon, as we start doing 'things'.