Things are definitely speeding up again. The network errors were...sort of fixed.

Telstra (our ISP) has connected us to the National Bucolic Network and so far, so 'meh'.

Patience means not getting mad when they are confused, tell me stuff that doesnt seem accurate and then fix the wrong problem.

Meanwhile - in other news:

Theo, Master of the Mastering

Theo is moving through mastering and mixing issues for the Downtime Album. Nice.

How long until it's finished? When he tells me, I'll tell you.

Song Development

We opted to work on new songs after we canned Downtime for yesterday. "Strange Pleasures' and 'Solace' are moving to the next stage.

I am still stuck on lyrics for 'Devils Preacher' and 'Brujo' (oh well) and there's more stuff to come. We gotta keep up with our mates in Space Engineer!!

New Live Shows In Public

Fortress Oz is opening up and we have shows in public again. So check the calendar if you feel like joining us.