OH&S says Rain + equipment = Bad, Mmk?

Theo doesnt mind getting wet in the garden...but....no. Wett Butt no.

Downtime pushed to next week! Only 3 eps to go for season 2.

'Sanctuary' Project now moving to final mixing, ahead of mastering? Really?

Cool. Cos Space Engineer is dropping an album out and yeah I feel the need to keep up!

Go Terry! :)

The studio album is sitll gona be a ways off. Final vocals on a few songs now underway. Also be good ot have a few lyrics.

And after trying every piano player I can meet in Sydney, I may wind up with a crack at White Fire shortly.

Aaaaand we booked some gigs aaaaand COVID lockdowns kicked back in.

Will we? Won't we? Who knows! (like the actual WHO?) Chaos! YAY!