After feeling like we were moving pretty slowly there for a while I stopped to do a....spreadsheet. Ah yes, they are still a joy.

Turns out we are further along than I realised. There are 11 tracks in post production or active production/tracking. We're ditching the studio version of 'Smoke on horizon' in favour of the live version, so that will be on the Downtime recordings.

As Theo pointed out, we are on schedule for our usual production rate, as we are looking at two releases this year.

Before we get to the next Tracking session I need to finish 3 more songs. Fortunately there is no shortage of music, with Coggers, Fox and Mr Wizard all pumping out guide tracks.

If I get cracking i can keep up with Space Engineer! 

For batch 1, it's time for Main Vocals. There is more writing to do and I finally have found someone to help me with White Fire, which has been stuck in limbo for the last three months as I sort the chorus out.

Still not a fast process. 

Ok - next item - Youtube's bot decided one of our live songs was someone else's and I am a little GRRR about that. 

I get that the technology is not perfect, and I have a feeling I might be writing some emails about this. Welcome to 2021!

Todays's ep of Downtime