I can't make this thing go any faster, so it's time to sit back and enjoy the ride. Between COVID and the rest of the unfolding 21st Century, it's time to chill.

Status remains steady-as-she-goes - Downtime S2 is on, Stormcellar album 13 pending Le Revenue, Stormcellar Collective 'Live Downtime' recordings are in post. Theo is swapping out better recordings as they arise.

Stormcellar Collective's first studio album is still moving forward...slowly...Sadly we missed the boat for the Neon Nights who have a show on now so it's back to the drawing board for some backing stuff and I am still wrangling White Fire. I think I have spoken with 10% of the keyboard players in Sydney in an effort to find the right combo.

There's a backlog of songwriting, so no shortage on that front (in 13 years there hasnt been), I would kind of like to finish a few of these existing tracks so I can get them out of my head.

Meanwhile, Space Engineer is putting out 1 new track a week! Dang it! MUSH DOGGIES! MUSH!!!

Videoclip still is pre production (OMG) and oh yeah it looks like we have more shows in the wild coming up. Great, we could do with the cash!

Things are going at their own rate. Big Ups to Coggers for ongoing outstanding technical stuff.

Also a shout out to Friend Of The Band Ms Rebecca for showing me around the streaming setup she has going on at the Powerhouse. 

I get the feeling that there will be a cascade of completion at some point. Like waiting for the kettle to boil. There's no shortage of good stuff going on, it's just taking the time it takes...:)