It might seem like going faster would be more fun. Nah.

I for one, am enjoying the heck out of our current...ok I'll say it....slow progress.

Yes it's methodical, yes it's taking AAAAGES and yes it's great.

We're still on track for the right outcomes, and what a time it has been, right?

The first Downtime Album is almost at 7/10 completion.

The first 'Collective' Album is in production, pre production, and mixing - track by track.

Downtime was great last week. It also is a format that allows us to deal with the very variable times we live in.

Calm? Yes! Relaxed? Heck yes. easy.

New gigs coming in. Stuff happening. I'll tell ya when it does.

I'd say more if we were doing more, but there are always things we're doing.
Ah yes, last weeks downtime is worth sharing